If you’re feeling like you’ve plateaued with bigger classes and want to take your workout seriously, the Tone Room can help you get to where you want to be.
— Westhampstead Life


The Tone room was created to allow Londoners to experience a new type of boutique fitness studio workout. We believe that a STRONG & TONED body is essential in this vibrant city, so have designed small group workouts that will help you reach just that! We focus more on the strength and lean body image side of fitness, whilst getting you into the best shape of your life.

At the Tone Room we spilt our days into specific body parts to allow for maximum muscular endurance results and phenomenal body definition. We'll have you pushing, pulling, jumping and lifting your way to that dream TONED body. 


We offer body part specific HIIT classes that focus on burning large amount of calories, losing body fat, gaining strength, building lean muscle and increasing performance. We have split these HIIT session into two body parts per day to help build that lean muscle to keep you TONED and burn calories!


This Full body mash up uses moves and sequences from our TONE sessions but we change them weekly, so they keep your body guessing! This full body strength HIIT class focuses on burning calories using weight bearing moves to tone up your body.


We don't change our classes weekly or daily. Why is that? Well, how does your body adapt if you're changing things too often? At The Tone Room, we keep the schedule the same for 3 weeks so your body adapts to the workouts allowing you to get stronger, leaner and sexier! We then switch it up and shock your body so the results keep occurring. Our 3 week cycles allow you to get maximum results in a fun environment and improve body confidence.

Class sizes are small, so you get the feel of a group exercise class as well as a small group PT session.