5 Core moves loved by the models

Having had 100+ fashion and commercial models walk through our doors since opening, we are going to share their favorite core moves used here at our studio. Contrary to popular belief, the core isn’t just abs. The major muscles of the core reside in the area of the belly and the mid and lower back (not the shoulders), and peripherally include the hips, the shoulders and the neck.

  1. Tilted Holds - Great for your transverse abdominal (It only holds your organs in place, no biggie!). Extend legs straight in front of you, lean back, cross your arms and twist and old for 5 seconds each side.

  2. Ball Walk - Really works the deep core muscles, hips and shoulders. Get into plank position on a med ball, walk forwards and backwards with it. HARD

  3. Side Plank Raise - Side plank with one leg raised in the air (toe pointing downwards. Great for the obliques and hips

  4. Scissor Twists - Typical Pilates move. Lay on your back with legs in the “L” position. Then switch legs. Great for the lower back and abs but adding a twist (reach hand to opposite leg) will really work the obliques.

  5. Side-to-side hops - A signature move here. In plank hop your legs side to side as high as possible. This really works your shoulders and hips, The higher you go, the core engagement needed “not to fall forward” will work deeper core muscles and lower back muscles.

Sanjay Patel