5 Reasons you're not losing body fat

Most clients walking through the door (PT clients especially) want to look better. This normally involves a drop in body fat whist showing muscle tone . But very few others get to reach their body goals! So here are 5 tips on why you’re not dropping enough body fat to look leaner.

  1. Not in an actual calorie deficit - Most people tell me they eat healthy, which in some cases is true, but whats the point if you’re eating too much healthy food. You’re actually putting on weight. If this is happening, it’s time to re-evaluate your calories and lower them.

  2. Not enough activity - Sometimes your calories are fine but you just don’t move enough, whether it be in the gym or in daily life. Move more..

  3. Consistency - Not being consistent with your diet and exercise normally leads to fewer results.

  4. Following fad diets - Following a “diet” normally results in fat loss yes (surprise surprise you go on an aggressive calorie deficit and actually lost fat|) but it’s unsustainable and the rebound effect is harsh.

  5. Did I mention eating too much? - Just so it’s drummed in.. If you’re not losing fat, you’re not in a calorie deficit and you’re probably overeating for your activity level and weight.

Sanjay Patel